Red Meats Shorten Your Life Span

     A recent survey involving people eating red meats, including pork, show that it adds to all kinds of illnessess and results in people dying from all kinds of diseases.

     I'm not going to go into the details of the study proving that red meat is not good for you because I've heard this before and I really do believe it. Red meat is not good for us to eat.

     I am not a vegan and I love ribs and a good steak any day, but deep down I know that although it tastes better than heaven, it is not good for me. I and many of you need to learn that food must become a way of fueling our bodies and not the center of our entertainment or joy. This is difficult since I grew up with every celebration and good time centered around food.

      I think maybe I will leave out red meat except on rare occasions , I know it would be a lie to say I'd give it up completely. Rarely may be enough of a good start for now.

What I Know So Far

     How I need my daily diet to be for the rest of my life, at least till the next set of studies comes in.
  • Red meat no more than once a week
  • Fish no more than once a twice a week
  • Turkey is the healthiest meat out there so far
  • Replace transfats with good fats from nuts, seeds, chocolate, cheese, and avocados.
  • Calories must be limited
  • Fresh or frozen fruits and veggies are best
  • Keep away from canned and processed foods
  • Use olive oil that is extra virgin and comes in a dark bottle or container
  • Measure portions if you have too 
  • Eat slower
  • Don't use salt