Ten Reasons Why Apples Are A Superfood

  1. Apples help maintain good blood sugar, because the fructose in the apple is considered a simple sugar and is broken down very slowly. Combine that with the amount of fiber and you won't get sugar spikes and will feel fuller longer.

          An average apple contains about 80 calories.
  2. If you eat one large apple per day you can knock your cholesterol level down by 8 to 11 %, two large apples a day can lower it by 16%.
  4. An average apple contains about 3 grams of fiber, even if you peel the apple you still get about 2.7 grams of fiber. Fiber keeps you feeling more full and satisfied, and because it has two different kinds of fiber, it really helps knock down your bad cholesterol levels.
  6. Apple skins have a strong flavonoid called quercitin. Eat one apple a day with 4 cups of green tea and a couple tablespoons of onions and you can lower your risk of heart attacks by about 32%. 
  8. Researchers believe that apples can lower the risk of breast cancer and possibly colon cancer.
  10. Apples come in many varieties, sizes, and colors, and can be enjoyed cold and crisp or warm and soft, and can be used in salads, desserts, appetizers, and main and side dishes.
  12. Braeburn apples can help protect your skin from dangerous UV rays from the sun.
  14. Apples have shown to raise the levels of hdl or good cholesterol.
  16. After subtracting the amounts of fiber, an average apple has about only 15 grams of carbs.